What our customers say:

Jonathan and Brittney Coleman          


The RainSoft system is fantastic, easy to use and KJ did a wonderful job installing the system.

Aaron and Elizabeth Grassel   


The installation went smooth. Anthony did a great job and explained everything thoroughly. We are super happy with everything.

Jose and Rosa Rodriguez       


Anthony was very professional and did a great job, the water tastes good now. The water in the shower feels so smooth on our skin and we love it. Very happy with everything.

Jon and Dawne Yankasky        


KJ was very nice, explained everything and we could tell he really cared about making us happy.

Jonathan and Elizabeth Martindale     


We are super happy with our RainSoft water. Rod was amazing and did an awesome presentation. We love it that we no longer have to buy bottled water.

James and Christine Blair       


We were very impressed with our installer, Anthony. He was very personable and courteous.

Maryanna Wright         


My water is perfect now that I purchased my RainSoft system. I had dry skin and only after a few showers, my skin looks rehydrated.

Randy and Gail Newberry        


KJ did a fabulous job. We are already noticing a difference in our water. The showers feel so much better.

Aaron and Michelle Roland     


We love our RainSoft water. It feels great on our skin.

Michael and Alexis Blain         


The Pure H2O team, Phoebe and Anthony, were  terrific. We are happy with everything.

Richard and Rita Moerlein


We are so happy with our RainSoft system. It makes such a big difference with our water

Wes and Brittany Roseberry


The RainSoft water is wonderful. We can taste the difference, feel it in the shower and we are very happy with our water now. It’s a night and day difference. We are just thrilled and talking to our neighbors about it.

Jessica Raffelson


The water is great now. My skin and hair are not as dry as they used to be.

Diana DaPore


I love how my water tastes now and the feeling of the water in the shower. It’s amazing and I am very happy.

Teresa Gebhart


RainSoft water is wonderful. I love the taste, it’s nice and soft. Everyone at Pure H2O is wonderful.

James McCreary


Pure H2O is wonderful. Ryan, Anthony and Wess all were very professional and did a fantastic job. I was impressed that Pure H2O was able to come out and install the same day.

Derek and Jessica Foos


Everything went great. Our dishes are cleaner and the water tastes good.

Dale and Patricia Radcliff


We are very happy with Pure H2O. Boone and Anthony did a wonderful job. They both explained everything thoroughly and were very professional.



The 2 guys who came out were great. Kj did a great job on the install, was very polite and cleaned everything up. I am very happy with everything.

Richard Weaver and Linda Conti


The Pure H2O team was amazing. Rod and Matt were excellent. We are extremely happy with our service. The RainSoft shower feels great on our skin and there is such a big difference already.

Mark and Jane Wood


We are very pleased with everything. Justin did a wonderful job and we are already noticing a difference in our water.

Jeremy and Elaine Guthrie


We love our RainSoft water. The water is clean now and we are already noticing a difference in the shower and dishes.

Glenn and Theresa Angeli


Everything is great The laundry is much cleaner, the water tastes good right off the tap and we are very pleased with Pure H2O.

Bruce Beamer


The installation went great. My water is now 1000 times better. I am very happy with everything.

Travis and Tiana Chappell


We love our RainSoft water. Our skin feels so clean now and the soap lathers up nicely.

Carol Pearson


I love my RainSoft system. My hair feels so soft, the water tastes so much better and it’s nice using less soap. KJ did a wonderful job and I am very happy with everything.

Robin Hall


The Pure H2O team was very professional, polite and did a great job.  I am happy with everything.

Lee and Pamela Brown

07/10/ 2023

Pure H2O is awesome. They did a really good job on the installation. KJ was great

Joseph and Jennifer Houda


Pure H2O did a great job. Everything is working really well and we are very happy.

Marsha Campbell


I love my RainSoft water. I bathed my golden doodle in the RainSoft water and it made a big difference. Her skin and hair are so soft. I am able to dry her faster and it’s just amazing for grooming your dog.

Curtis Moody


The RainSoft water is awesome. It has made a huge difference in the shower, soap lathers up nicely, skin feels amazing, and it’s just a wonderful system. It’s just great now having that piece of mind about our water being better for our family.

Paul and Deborah Thompson


We are very happy. The Pure H2O team was just wonderful. We can tell a big difference in the water, our skin feels great after the shower, dishes are cleaner and her laundry is great now.

Jerome and Megan Madden


Everything is wonderful. Showering is amazing now and it feels great on our skin.

Nancy Collier


I am very pleased with everything and I am looking forward to having better skin and hair.

Mark and Beverly Keith


The RainSoft system is amazing. Pure H2O was very efficient and well organized from start to finish and they addressed every issue we had. Everything is working as it should. We are very happy.

Amanda Goodpaster


There is a huge difference in my water now that I have RainSoft water. I had really bad itchy dry skin. Now that I am showering in my RainSoft water my skin feels a lot better. I am very happy.

William and Chelsea Arter


Everything is working great and we love our RainSoft water.

Marlin and Margaret Baker


The Pure H2O team is excellent and they have good people working for them! We love the taste of the Ultrefiner II drinking water and how the shower makes our skin feel. Very happy with everything!

Anthony and Swantosha Spaulding


We love our RainSoft water system. Pure H2O provided really good service. Everything is wonderful!

Charles and Denece Smith


We love our RainSoft water. We are really enjoying it and we are happy with everything.

Carlos and Ana Gomez


The installation was perfect and we are really enjoying our RainSoft water.

Ralph Eagle


I am glad I purchased his system from Pure H2O. The installation went great and I like how the water feels on my skin. I washed my car and there were no water spots and it wiped down better.

Rodney and Michiko Christian


The RainSoft system is awesome. We love how it feels on our skin and now it’s safer for our family.

Eugene Bourne


We are very happy with our RainSoft system. We can already tell a big difference and it’s awesome.

Katie Myers


The RainSoft water is just wonderful; my skin feels so soft after a shower and my clothes are so much better after I wash them. Everything is just fantastic.

Paul and Kelley Gray


KJ, our installer, did a great job and we would recommend Pure H2O to everyone. We are very happy.

James and Karen Cleaver


Our technician, Matt, was great. Everything went very well and we are very happy with everything.

Vincent Jeffers


The RainSoft system is absolutely fantastic! It tastes so good and I am very happy. Derrick and Anthony were both very thorough and did a great job.

Joan Woodruff


Pure H2O did a fantastic job and I am very happy.

Ellen Parker


The system is amazing and I am very happy with everything. The water feels good on my skin.

Michael and Alicia


We are really enjoying our RainSoft system. Everyone did a great job and we are very happy.

Thomas and Maria Dignan


We like our RainSoft water a lot! The quality of the water we are getting now is great. Our skin feels so soft after a shower. We are very happy.

Diane Schoening


The RainSoft system is wonderful. KJ, the installer, did an amazing job and I am happy with everything.

Michael and Larie Day


We are happy with everything. The wife’s hair is better now. The water tastes great and soft.

Jesse and Katy Wilson


Pure H2O delivered excellent service. Anthony, the installer, was awesome, quick and very professional. Everything is running perfectly.

Brian and Bryanne Whitcraft


We are thoroughly enjoying our RainSoft water. Our skin feels so good after showering. Our 10 month old son was getting rashes after we gave him a bath and now that we give him a bath with RainSoft water the rashes are gone. We are extremely happy.

Tom and Jenna


We are very happy with everything. Gary, the sales rep, was great and we already referred one of our friends.

Gregory Sneed


KJ, the installer, did an outstanding job. He was very professional and super nice. I am very happy with everything.

Brad Hoover


My experience with the Pure H2O customer service was the best part; from the sales rep, Dylan, to the installer, Anthony.

Seth DeSantis


The water is so soft and tastes great.

Anthony and Lillian Harrison


We are already seeing a difference in our water and are very happy with everything.

Diane D.


I love it. The Pure H2O representative, sales rep Marybeth, and her installer, KJ, were wonderful. Great service!

Scott and Tonya Zeigler


Anthony, the installer, was awesome and we are very happy. The water is great and we have wanted to do this forever. We are very excited and happy with everything.

John and Maurine Grantham


Everything went well. The Pure H2O staff was great. We can already tell a difference.

Zachary Cybulski


The install went extremely smooth and we are very happy. We can already tell a difference in our water.

Mark and Staci Jackson


Everything went terrifically. From Jeremy to the installation team it was a wonderful experience. We are extremely satisfied.

Sarah and Ina Katzenbach


The RainSoft system is great and we really love it.

Sidney and Beatrice Whittington


We are very impressed with Pure H2O and everyone that worked with us. Angel and Derrick were amazing and really showed us that we needed the water treatment. Wess, Rob and Anthony did a great job on getting our system installed. Our skin feels like silk after a shower and the water tastes great. Pure H2O is top notch.

Craig Sealy and Selma Ahmed


We are enjoying our RainSoft water and can definitely tell a difference.

David and Christina Chandler


Our skin feels so good after we shower. The water tastes amazing, and the Airmaster makes our house smell like a fresh hotel. We are very happy.

Michael Klus


Everything went great. I am loving my RainSoft water and I am happy I made the decision to clean up my water with Pure H2O.

Thea Hill


The system is wonderful. I am using less soap and it’s great.

Jordan and Markie Hoffman


The water is spectacular and we love it. The installation went great.

Anthony and Janet Nash


We can really tell a difference. Our water tastes so much better and we are very happy with our RainSoft water.

Jack and Ivy Ware


The  RainSoft water tastes great and feels great in the shower. We can’t believe the difference in the water. It’s just great.

Melissa Rollocks and Veronica Thompson


The water tastes clean and we no longer have dry skin. The water is so clean it shimmers in the glass. Our dishes are cleaner and our skin looks better. We are very happy and love our RainSoft system.

Andrea Stoltmann and Robert Thomas


We can now drink the water and it tastes great. Our skin feels great now, we no longer have dry skin on our face or hands. We are very happy with our RainSoft water.

Christopher and Jane Birck


The system is 100% wonderful. The water tastes great and we love how it feels on our skin.

Armando and Laura Morales


We could tell right away a difference in the way it made our skin feel. We love it and are so excited to have the RainSoft water in our home.

Austin and Megan Turner


From start to finish everything went smoothly. We are very satisfied.

Ryder and Renee Smith


We love it and everything is amazing. We are very happy. The installation was great and professional.

Mark McLain and Katherine Wargo


We can already tell a difference in the water. The water is so much better now and we are completely satisfied.

Shirley Hartley


I love it and PureH2O did a fantastic job installing the drinking system. I can now drink from the faucet and no longer have to carry the heavy bottled water in. The water tastes fantastic.

Dave and Paula Meece


The installer was quick and efficient. We were impressed. The RainSoft water is wonderful and we are very happy.

Chad and Catherine Sims


Our water is now a lot better. Our installer, KJ, was excellent and very professional.

Dan and Mackenzie Hartwell


We are loving our RainSoft water. It tastes great. We are very pleased with everything.

Rob and Cynthia Vollmer


The RainSoft water is fantastic and we love it. We really enjoyed the time with ou sales guy, Rod, and our installer, Anthony. Everything was wonderful.

Aaron and Sherrell Butler


The RainSoft water is like night and day. We love it. The showers make our skin feel so soft and smooth. It’s just awesome.

Derrick Scott and Tamika Carter


The RainSoft water is great. We are happy they made this purchase. The CleanStart is amazing and it gets the smells out of our towels. We are very happy.

Keith and Courtney Kresge


The installer, Anthony, did a great job, He was very professional and nice. The RO water tastes wonderful. We are very happy

Brad Meyer and Michelle Rubenacker


We love our RainSoft water. It feels good in the shower and we can tell a big difference.

Matthew Grubb and Sierra VanGundy


It’s amazing, so thankful we decided to buy. It’s made such a difference already. Thank you so much!

Karl & Natasha R.


We got the system installed about a week ago and have nothing but great things to say. Rod Coleman was a great salesman and made us feel so welcomed and comfortable. The product is amazing and we can already notice the difference. Actually as soon as it was installed we could tell the difference. It worked immediately and we are now enjoying clean and clear water. The water test really opened our eyes to what we have been putting in our bodies and our children's. So glad we decided to go with RainSoft and I will try to tell as many people as possible to consider installing a system in their house. We actually got the complete system so now our water, air and washer machine are up and running. This purchase is a no brainer!

Kirk Reist and Jessica Kepler


We are enjoying our RainSoft water. It tastes so good and feels great in our skin. The laundry is great and we are very happy.

Adam and Jennifer Stegman


We love our RainSoft water. Anthony was great and he was the best contractor they have ever had work in their home.

Robert and Robin Ford


The Pure H2O team was outstanding from sales to install. Matt went the extra mile for them. He took his time and showed them everything.

Joshua and Erika W.


We are extremely happy with Pure H2O. The RainSoft water is awesome and everything promised. We believe in everything Pure H2O does.

Chris Dague and Amira Elsawy


Pure H2O is awesome! We are already noticing a big difference with our RainSoft water and we absolutely love it. The Airmaster works great and their house smells like fresh rain. Jeremy, the salesperson, was very kind and professional. Anthony, the installer, did a great job and was wonderful.

Matthew and Alison McGinnis


The RainSoft water is amazing. The showers are a favorite part.

Chris and Brandy Derby


The RainSoft water is awesome. We no longer smell chlorine in the water. It tastes great and we are using less laundry soap.

Dominic and Ellen Gilardi


The RainSoft water tastes great, feels good on our skin and we are really enjoying it. 5 stars.

Brian Morand


I am really satisfied with the RainSoft water. It tastes great.

Jason Griffith and Lynae Looney


The RainSoft water is amazing and we love it. We already have 3 friends that want a system.

Dontae Moore and Tiffany Stepps


The RainSoft water is great and we love it. We can really tell a big difference.

Dan and Jade Lovelace


Matt did a great job on the installation. We were very impressed. The taste is fantastic and we love the way our skin feels so soft after showering. Wish we did this sooner. It’s like night and day.

Greg and Beth Morscher


We like how the installer set up the equipment. The laundry is so clean now. The water tastes very good. We are noticing a big difference with the water and are very happy.

Kandace Nevin and Gerald Myers


We love the water now and the reps did a beautiful job!  Matt, our installer, was wonderful and explained everything perfectly.

Anthony Whitehead and Michelle Ellington


The RainSoft water is soft and feels good on our skin. Everyone in our home is very happy with it.

Greg and Melia Frilling


Since getting the RainSoft water installed we can tell a big improvement. We are very happy with our water now.

Richard and Nancy Ohde


We love it. It feels really good on our skin, smells clean and it’s just great.

Felicia Garber


I would highly recommend Pure H20 to anyone. Both our technicians, Trey and Anthony, were phenomenal. They were knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. I am very happy.

David and Linda Hyland 


Pure H20 water treatment is perfect in every way Ryan and Anthony both did a great job. We are very happy.

Mark and Michelle Brown


Matt and Dylan did a great job. The Pure H20 water treatment system is amazing. We are very happy customers.

Adam and Jennifer Rex


The RainSoft water is amazing and we love it. The installation was quick and easy. We are very happy.

Timmy and Kendra Skaggs


We  absolutely love our RainSoft system. The installer, Matt, did a terrific job. We are very happy about purchasing the system. The reason we bought it was because our kids bought the system and they love it as well.

Mike Reilly and Melinda Moore


The water is super soft now and we love it. The installer was awesome and did a great job. We are very happy.

James and Melissa Fetters


We love our RainSoft water. There is a big difference already. The water is so clear now and our coffee tastes really good. We are really impressed. The installer, Anthony, was awesome and did a great job! We are very happy we purchased our RainSoft water system.

Dennis and Paula Hitte


We absolutely love the water and are very happy we purchased our RainSoft water.

Andres Varn and Jessalyn Diaz


We love the way our skin feels after taking a shower, it’s awesome. We also love the taste of the water. We are very happy.

Chris and Kristen Branham


We are really pleased with the RainSoft products. The water is extremely good. We love the Cleanstart and how it washes our clothes.

Paul Miller


Our water is now just super. It feels better now on my skin taking a shower. I am very happy.

Nick and Mindy Schwickerath


Pure H2O has an amazing staff and everyone we worked with was awesome. Shelby was wonderful and very helpful. The water tastes better and feels good on our skin.

Caleb Boysel and Sierra McKnight


Our water tastes great now. The tea tastes great. A 5 stars experience.

Dennis Hurley


I am very happy with everything. The water is great. It’s nice and soft.

Zachary Ford and Jennifer Schoolcraft


We are really enjoying the system and we are very happy. Our favorite thing is how good the water tastes now.

Matt Miller and Alyxandra Corbett


We love our RainSoft water. It tastes great and our skin feels good after we shower. We are very happy.

Edward and Dani H.


We are very happy and glad we made the decision to invest in our RainSoft water filtration system. We can tell a big difference already. Our water is so much better now.

Edward and Tracey Overbey


We love our RainSoft water. The water feels so good and helps with our dry skin. It was a beautiful investment.

Dave and Debra Wiseman


We are very happy. When washing our hair there is a big difference already. Everything is so much cleaner.

Wayne and Louise Staats 


The Ultrefiner II drinking water is so nice, It tastes great and we no longer have to carry in bottled water. Patrick, the installer, was so nice and did a great job.

Ann Durham


Everything is perfect. I am amazed with the CleanStart, it removed all the stains in my clothing and smells so fresh. I love it! All the products are wonderful! I am very happy.

Dianna Tomlin


Everything went great. We love our RainSoft water. It’s just great! The install went well and we are very happy.

Edward and Renee S.


Justin did a wonderful job. We are pleased with everything.

Edward and Janice Williamson


We can really taste a difference with our tea and coffee. It tastes great. Our skin feels so much better with the RainSoft water.

Timothy and Kelsea S.


KJ did a great job and was amazing doing our install. The RainSoft water is perfect for us. We love it. We also love the CleanStart and it’s just wonderful.

Carol K.


I had dry itchy skin and since installing the RainSoft system my skin feels good now. I just love it and I am very happy.

Troy and Kimberly B.


Everything went very, very well. We are loving our water now. Matt did a fantastic job.

Myron and Sharon B.


We very happy. The RainSoft water feels great in the shower. We love it. Our sales rep, Marybeth, was amazing and we really enjoyed the demo. Sharon said we can use this as a testimonial. WE would rate our experience at 5 stars.

Marlene G.


I am very happy with the RainSoft water and with Pure H2O working hard to get this in for me. My skin feels so much better and my dishes are so clean now. It was overall just a great experience.

Patrick T.


My sales rep, Carlos, and installer, KJ, were wonderful. Carlos knew the products and explained them well. KJ was very professional and courteous. My complete experience with Pure H2O was a great.

Tony and Jill H.


Our hair and skin feel nice with the RainSoft water. We are very happy.

Brad and Merissa E.


We can already tell a big difference. The RainSoft water tastes great and the water spots are going away. We are extremely happy we made the change to our water.

Travis M. and Peyton W.


We love how our skin feels after a shower. The water tastes really good.

Michael and Michelle H.


We are very happy with our RainSoft water. It tastes awesome and feels a lot better after showering. The installer did a fabulous job.

Tyler and Taylor B.


We can tell a big difference already with our RainSoft water. It tastes really good and feels great in the shower. We are very happy.

Bobby and Ashley S.


The RainSoft water is wonderful. We could tell a difference automatically. Everyone in the house is enjoying it and our skin feels a lot better. Very happy.

Janet Partin and Orville G.


We love the RainSoft water. It’s awesome!! Our dishes are clean and the shower feels great.

Joseph and Quinn R.


We can really tell a difference with our water now, it feels really good. We are very happy with our RainSoft water.

Robert and Candy H.


We are seeing a big improvement in the water with the RainSoft water. No more spots on dishes, no more build up, tastes really good and it feels great in the shower.

Adin and Christine S.


We are very happy with the quality of our RainSoft water. Ice  cubes look great and it tastes really good. The air quality is better with the Airmaster. Very happy with everything.

Robert and Sharon N.


We love our RainSoft water. Best cup of coffee we ever had using our RaInSoft water. It’s made cleaning so much easier. Very happy.

Bill and Josie C.


Everything went great. We love our RainSoft water. It’s wonderful. Our installer, Anthony, was great.

Billy and Dorothy S.


We love it. Our installer was awesome and did a fantastic job.

James G.


My sales rep, Joe, was great and I enjoyed the test. The installation went smooth and was very professional. I would absolutely rate Pure H2O as a 5 star service.

Sean Nelson and Alexis H.


The RainSoft water is amazing. They are totally loving it. They are very pleased with everything. I asked her if she would rate our service at 5 stars and she said absolutely. I let her know she would be getting a survey from Home Depot and we would appreciate the 5 stars. She said she absolutely would. She would like retest. Alexis said we can use this as a testimonial. Sending email for retest and testimonial

Lisa G.


I love my RainSoft system! It’s so much easier to clean.

Daniel and Natasha M.


The water is awesome and we love it. Anthony was a professional to the last minute.

Jacob and Brunie R.


Everything was done professionally and we are very happy. The installer, KJ, was very informative.

Charles and Rozanne P.


Out of a scale of 1-10 I would rate our installer, KJ, at an 11. He was fantastic and did a wonderful job. We are very satisfied. We have had different water softeners for 60 years including some other brands and our RainSoft system is by far the best yet.

Dave O.


I am absolutely in love with my RainSoft water. It tastes great and everything in the house is cleaner. I am so happy I purchased the system. The RainSoft water has improved the quality of life for me and my home.

Joyzell G.


I am in love with my RainSoft water. It tastes good now and I no longer buy bottled water. I am very happy.

Ralph and Donna I.


When we wash our face now they feel so soft. We love the RainSoft water. Rod, the sales rep, was so nice and did a great job. The installer was very neat and cleaned everything up after install. We are very happy.

Randy R.


I am very happy with the RainSoft water. I can tell a big difference already in the shower with my skin being a lot smoother. My clothes are washing better and can drink water from the tap now and it tastes good.

Brody and Brianna N.


We are already noticing a difference in the water. Our skin feels soft after showering with the RainSoft water. Very happy.

Donna H.


We can really tell a difference in the shower, on dishes and laundry. The water now suds up with hardly any soap. Our sales rep and installer both did a great job. We love the RainSoft water

Kyle and Sharon S.


We are very happy and are most impressed by no more water spots on our dishes. We love the RainSoft water.

Walter and Tamera J.


Dylan and Justin were awesome. We are very happy. We would absolutely rate Pure H20 with 5 stars.

James K.


The water is so much better now with having the RainSoft system. I can now drink from my tap and no longer have to buy bottled water. It’s just fabulous!

George and Anna H.


Both the salesman and the installer were very professional, polite and did a super job. We are very happy with our RainSoft water. We can actually drink our water now.

Brandon and Alaina P.


Matt was amazing and very nice. He was really good with our kids as well. We are very happy and notice a big difference in our skin and love it. Thank you for taking care of us.

LaToyia M.


I am very happy. My skin is rejuvenated and the water tastes great.

Scott and Kristina M.


We  love it!! We can now drink from every faucet and we feel a big difference in the shower. We are extremely happy with their RainSoft water.

Grant and Sherrie T.


We are very happy and love it. Our sales rep, Trey, was great!

Michael S. and Rebecca V.


We really like it and can really tell a difference in the shower. We are using less soap and it lathers up nicely. The installer was great, very professional, and everything went really well.

Jerrod and Alisha K.


Our water is now much cleaner and tastes a lot better. We are very happy.

Jeff R.


Pure H2O has not only provided my wife and I with soft and clean water, but also peace of mind. We purchased a new home in a development, but the area is surrounded by farmland. When Rod stopped by to test the water, we learned how much chlorine, herbicides and pesticides were in our water and started to second guess our decision to move out here. Once he gave us the rundown of the softener and filtration systems, we jumped all over the opportunity to enhance our water systems and rest easier at night. We have already experienced significant changes in our “hard” water running throughout the house. Our friends and neighbors have noticed how smooth and clean their hands feel when they wash them, and how clean the filtered water tastes when they drink it. I would highly recommend scheduling a water test and becoming educated on how to cleanse and treat your water that runs in your home. Typically, people do not think about it but we use water all day long every day, and to know how dirty it can be may really change your mind and convince you to have this system installed. I recommend it to everyone that comes over and already have some friends and family reaching out to explore how to schedule a water test with our sales rep.

Hosea and Laura H.


We love our RainSoft water. Our family is much cleaner now. The showers are great.

Joel and Patty D.


We love it!! We drink a lot of tea and the water tastes so good. The water no longer stains our tea cups. Very happy.

Anthony and Alyssa T.


We are very happy with our RainSoft system. We would highly recommend PureH2O.

Carole E.


I love my RainSoft water. It’s so nice and soft. Everyone was so nice and great. I am very happy.

Shawn & Ariel A.


The water is so much better now, 100% better! We love it. The sales rep and installer were both wonderful.

Linda B.


We are loving it! The water tastes so good now. We are really enjoying it.

Mark M.


The installers were great and did a great job. I love the cleanstart and how it makes my clothes smell. The cleanstart is awesome.

Lesley R.


I am very happy. I especially noticed how much better my hair is.

Linda B.


We are loving it! The water tastes so good now.

Barbara H.


The Pure H2O people are amazing. Zach was wonderful. Anthony did a great install. He was so polite. My hair now feels so silky and soft. I am very happy.

Kevin and Tammy H.


We are really enjoying our water now. The installer was great and very informative.

Steve and Rachelle B.


RainSoft is the most amazing water ever. It’s like night and day compared to our water before RainSoft. Skin and hair both feel amazing. We love it and are very happy.

Jeff and Sophia L.


It’s a lot of money but worth it. The quality of the system is great. It’s really nice and works great. Noticing a big difference already. The toilets look great and are staying clean. Ryan was great and knowledgeable. We are happy with everything.

Matt and Emily S.


We can already tell a difference in our water. It’s great. Matt and Ryan were both great and answered all our questions. Very happy.

Nate and Tiffany S.


We love our RainSoft water. Our skin feels so soft after we take a shower. We are very happy with our water now.

Rich and Tina Y.


The water is unbelievable. We love it. RainSoft is the only way to go!

Carl and Sue T.


We are very happy and the RainSoft water tastes good. Already noticing a difference.

David P.


I am very happy with the RainSoft water. Anthony was wonderful and did a great job.

Daniel Temple and Amanda C.


We are very happy. Pure H2O has a team of superstars. The installer was a champ going in the crawl space and getting it done. We now feel safe bathing in and drinking our water. We are glad we made the decision to choose Pure H2O RainSoft for our water treatment.

Kenny and Apryl P.


It’s everything we expected and we love our RainSoft water. It’s just awesome

Robert and Cathy D.


We are very happy and are noticing a difference in our skin already. The Ultrefiner 2 water tastes great. Rod was great and had a wonderful personality. The installers were great and very polite. They explained the equipment thoroughly to us. Everyone was wonderful and it felt like we had family in the home. Great experience.

Donald and Catherine H.


We are so happy with the RainSoft water. We love it. Our dishes are actually clean now and the water tastes great. The CleanStart works great. My husband had stains on his clothes and I added a pre-treat with no laundry soap and the CleanStart got his clothes the cleanest they have ever been. We were also very happy with the installation going in the next day.

Holly and Elizabeth F.


Matt and Pat did a great job. The water tastes good and we are already noticing there is no staining on fixtures.

Patti S.


I am very happy with my RainSoft water. I have piece of mind knowing my water is clean and healthy.

Dave and Sue R.


It’s so nice having the RainSoft soft water. We can really tell a big difference and we are very happy.

James and Marie B.


The RainSoft water is amazing and we love it. It’s a great investment.

Brian and Lori S.


Ryan and his installer were both great. We are very satisfied with our RainSoft water.

Charles and Trish W.


Everything went well. We are very happy with our RainSoft water.

Stu and Jennifer D.


From the sales rep, Gary, to the installer, Kelley, they were very professional and both did a great job. We can tell a difference with our skin already and the RainSoft water is really helping our skin feel better.

Christian and Janice D.


We can tell a difference with taste now with RainSoft water. We also notice a difference in the shower and it feels great. This was a good investment.

Carl and Constance C.


The installation crew and Rod did a great job. We really like our water now. Our dishes look new now with no more film on them. The Rainsoft system made a world of difference

Kyle E. and Colleen R.


We are really noticing a difference and the RainSoft water is awesome

Steve M.


Everything went very well. The installer was absolutely terrific. I would rate Justin with 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best. He went through the equipment thoroughly and cleaned up everything. I am really happy with everything.

Adam and Theresa O.


The installer was great. He was on time, very personable and went through everything thoroughly with us. We are very pleased with everything!

Gentry F.


I really noticing a big difference with my skin. I have had issues with my skin and the RainSoft water has already made my skin better. I am very glad RainSoft came out and helped me with my water issues.

Ryan and Robin H.


We are delighted with everything 100x’s plus 1! We can tell a big difference with the RainSoft water. Our dishwasher no longer looks like arctic waste. The water feels wonderful on our skin.

Jesse and Heidi F.


We are very happy. We actually feel clean now when we get out of the shower. There is a big difference and we are so glad  that we made this decision to clean up our water with RainSoft water. Everyone was very professional.

Jordan and Amanda C.


The RainSoft water is awesome and took care of all our water problems. We can really tell a difference in the shower. Feels great on our skin.

Coltin & Mandee R.


We love the system and could tell a difference immediately. We are very excited about our friends and neighbors getting the system as well.

Devin and Lucinda A.


Everything went great. We are already noticing a difference in our water and it tastes better. We are very happy with the RainSoft system.

Ron N.


The RainSoft water is fabulous. I can really tell a difference. I am very happy with my water now.

Patrick and Emily T.


The water really is great. We can really tell a difference in the shower. We are very happy with investing into RainSoft.

Brittany S.


I love the RainSoft water. It is now so much better.

Jared and Lisa H.


The RainSoft water is great and we love it

Justin and Melynda B.


Everything went great and every step of the process was very professional. We are really enjoying the RainSoft water.

Virginia B.


I love my  RainSoft water and I notice a big difference in my hair and skin. I wish I would have done this a lot sooner, I highly recommend RainSoft.

Wayne and Heidi H.


From the sales rep to the installer everything was wonderful. We are very happy.

Lucas and Jennifer E.


Everything went great and we absolutely love it. We see a big difference already.

Alan F.


The RainSoft water has made a big difference and I am very happy with it.

Joel and Chelsea H.


We love it and our very happy. Itchy skin is gone. We are seeing a big difference in our hair already.

Kevin and Tracy S.


Justin did a great job and was very professional. Everything went well. We are very satisfied.

Mark and Nancy N.


We are very happy. The water tastes great and we already notice a difference. We are using way less detergents as well.

Kevin and Lindsay W.


The water is fantastic and we can definitely see the long term benefits. The Cleanstart is awesome and we are very happy with everything.

John J.


We could not have been happier with the installation of our three new Rainsoft systems - whole house water filtration, drinking water purification, and whole house air filtration.  Our installer, Anthony, was a role model for both customer service and technical excellence.  Not only did he minimize the piping and wiring footprints for these complex systems…he was also one of the nicest and most professional technicians we’ve ever worked with.  We were especially impressed with his ‘follow-through’…after finishing the installs and cleaning up, he came back in to carefully walk us through every aspect of the systems and answer any remaining questions.

Dylan and Taylor M.


It’s amazing and we love it. Our skin feels so good and no longer is cracked or dry. Both hair and skin are so soft. We had no idea what we have been missing out on and we are very happy with everything.

Anne M.


Everything went great and we absolutely love the water now. We can tell a big difference in our skin. The water tastes better.

Jerry and Rhonda S.


Everything went great we are very happy with our RainSoft system. The water is high quality and we are noticing a big improvement with our water.  The technician was efficient and did a great job with the installation.

Scott M.


We are very happy with our RainSoft system and would highly recommend Pure H2O to our friends and neighbors. We are already feeling the difference in the shower and love it. From the sales rep Joe to installer Kelly everything was great.

Gregg S.


Gregg says everything went great. Mary was very nice and polite and Anthony was very professional and kind. Overall great job and they are noticing a difference in the water. The water is great.

Sis N.


Sis loves the system and she says the installers were very nice and did a great job. She is very happy they did this and they are really enjoying everything. Her favorite is the air system. She said it’s made a major difference in her breathing and sleeping. It’s just wonderful and she thanks Pure H2O so much for this.

Sandra G.


Sandra said it’s really helping her skin. It’s amazing. She is very happy with her RainSoft water.

Jaime L.

2/15/20                                5 Stars

(No Comment)

Brennen F.

2/15/20                                5 Stars

Great experience and informative! The health benefits of this are self-explanatory. I would definitely recommend everyone set up a time with a technician to test your water. It is eye opening to see the results.

Timothy S.

2/12/20                                5 Stars

Eric M. did a great job testing our water and sharing results with us.  He was able to answer all of our questions.  We were very interested in his demonstration and the water system itself.  He is a very knowledgeable salesman and is not "pushy" and we both appreciated that.


2/10/20                                5 Stars

Eric is a great person, very mindful and reasonable professional.


2/10/20                                5 Stars

Eric did an outstanding job. Highly recommend doing business with him.

Tresa B.

2/10/20                                5 Stars

Trei P. was very professional and informative, he answered all of our questions and showed us the difference a water system can make!  Ours is being installed now!

Kathleen S.

2/3/20                                   5 Stars

Great job with demo.  Friendly & personable. Great with dogs?? Lol! Good sense of humor. Knowledgeable of the product & how to install it in your home. Explained the system well. Tested water several ways for its purity. Showed the savings in the long run compared to the cost of your investment. Most of all the benefits to you & your family’s health ... which is priceless.

Darlene J.

1/30/20                                5 Stars

(No Comment)

Dwight Neff

1/30/20                                5 Stars

(No Comment)

Tracie H.

1/30/20                                5 Stars

Eric did a great job presenting the product and was very engaging. We were very satisfied with the information given.

Chris H.

1/30/20                                5 Stars

Eric did an awesome job with the presentation, displayed thorough knowledge of the products. We purchased, on the spot, because Eric did such a good job and we saw the value in the product.

Sandra T.

1/27/20                                5 Stars

(No Comment)

Nathan T.

1/25/20                                5 Stars

Water tech Trei P. was great! His demonstration of all the particles and chemicals in the tap water/Brita filter was really educational. Also really easy to speak with about the products with him, never felt like he was pushing any products on us.

Matthew L.

1/24/20                                5 Stars

(No Comment)

Dinda O.

1/24/20                                5 Stars

Great information and they test the water right in front of you; you even get to feel/taste the results! Would 10/10 recommend, especially if you're buying bottled water for everyday use.

Sean S.

1/24/20                                5 Stars

Salesman Eric was a very polite and courteous salesperson. He was very professional in his time at my home and answered any question I asked. Hopefully whoever reading this can get Eric to give them a in home demonstration as you will not be disappointed.

Alex H.

1/22/20                                5 Stars

(No Comment)


1/22/20                                5 Stars

Nice company and product benefits.

Milena M.

1/1/20              3 Stars

Good salesman and seems very knowledgeable. I was simply not in an affordable position at this time.

Kendra G.

1/18/20            5 Stars

Jeremy provided a lot of useful information that helped us realize the harmful chemicals in our water! Even our puppy prefers the clean water (: We can’t wait to get the system installed and see all the benefits it offers.

Mikel H.

01/16/20          5 Stars

(No comment)

Ben S.

1/15/20            5 Stars

(No comment)

Mark J.

1/15/20            5 Stars

Great experience. Very professional and informative presentation ... thanks again Eric.

Shanon W.

1/14/20            5 Stars

Great presentation & no pressure sales. Very professional.

Cindy R.

1/14/20            5 Stars

He was very knowledgeable about the products.

Mike Wade

1/14/20            5 Stars

No Comment

John & Kathy Puckett

1/14/20            5 Stars

Eric did a full water test for very interesting and informative. Thanks again even though we are not ready to move forward with your equipment we are going to as our remodel progresses.     Thanks John and Kathy Puckett

Randi D.

1/11/20            5 Stars

Eric was awesome. Very polite and helpful.

Aaron C.

1/11/20            5 Stars

(No comment)

Jennifer S.

1/11/20            5 Stars

Eric and his team were wonderful and professional. They were patient and answered all of our questions. We appreciate the experience and are very excited about our new system!

Dennis S.

1/10/20            5 Stars

Eric explains a very complicated process, in a great way. Amazing what I learned in such a brief period. Great job.

Adam H.

1/9/20              5 Stars

(No comment)

Kris M.

1/2/20              5 Stars

We love our new water treatment system. Before, we were getting mineral buildup around all our faucets and sinks. I was scraping it off with a razor blade every two weeks or so, but now there's no buildup at all. I've really noticed the difference in the amount of dish soap I have to use. Best thing? My hair looks decent again! Thank you Pure H2O!

Lisa Lander

11/10/19          4 Stars

(no comment)

Kit Stasel

11/10/19          5 Stars

Dan was very professional, knowledgeable of the product, he has a great sense of humor too and he cares. Good job Dan

Amber Horrell

11/10/19          5 Stars

Angel was very knowledgable and thorough. Thank you for great service!!

Samantha Williams

11/11/19          5 Stars

Dan was fun and helpful.

Jim Smith

11/12/19          5 Stars

We just met with Adam K. about purchasing an EC5 water conditioning system. Adam is very knowledgeable about the products he represents. We have well water and he showed us the difference in well water and conditioned water. Wow, what a big difference. Thank You Adam for the great demo, and answering all our questions.

Mark Miller

11/13/19          5 Stars

Brenda did a wonderful job!


Lbrahim Ahmed

11/14/19          5 Stars

Great job


11/14/19          5 Stars

Great explanation and provided deep details

Laura Short-Young

11/21/19          5 Stars

Very prompt and professional for scheduling and maintenance!


Matt M

11/8/19            5 Stars

Gary did exceptional…he made a clear understanding of what we were looking at where our levels were vs what they should be and what we should expect with our new product…would definitely recommend him to friends and family!!

Gary Forney

11/9/19            4 Stars

Very very professional, kind, educational friendly, does a wonderful job

Jb Matthews

11/9/19            5 Stars

(no comment)

Judy McCoy & Allen Gilbert


We love our RainSoft water. We are so happy and wish we would’ve done this sooner. Clothes and skin are softer. It’s already helping with our daughter’s acne problem.

Tim Bachman

10/24/19          5 Stars

(no comment)

George Hamby

10/24/19          5 Stars

(no comment)

Ann J


Great Service. Very knowledgeable technician. This was the second time Mitch has been to our home - on time, friendly and ready to help. Last year we had lost water pressure and were concerned. He figured out our softener was failing. Installed new one that requires much less maintenance and works even better. Guests remark on how soft our water is. Mitch taught me a number of things about the system, checked it out thoroughly and was respectful throughout the visit. I will request him again next year!

Jim & Deborah Stegman


The water is lovely. Love it, and so reassuring to know no more chlorine! One thing I would like to know is, did RainSoft receive my warranty card? Would like to have a feedback loop to know my warranty is active. Otherwise, the installer was so professional and did an awesome job. So glad our water is soft now. Makes a huge difference in cleaning the house!! Using less soap!! Water spots negligible!! Shiny windows and glasses!!

Jean Dean

11/5/19            4 Stars

I am very happy with our pure water !!

Teri & Billy Taylor


Excellent service, installation guy was super friendly, nice and knowledgeable about the equipment

Amy Simpson

11/6/19            5 Stars

Mitchell was great to work with! He explained everything thoroughly!

Chris Wilham

11/6/19            5 Stars

Knowledgeable people. Great Service. Superior products!

Richard & Katherine Hudson

11/7/19            4 Stars

I don’t notice a difference with the air filter system. But everything else seems to be okay.

Debra Roy

11/7/19            5 Stars

Dan was very prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about his products and the Pure H2O Company. He explained everything well, was patient with our questions and answered them thoroughly, and was considerate of our time constraints. We had a very good experience with this representative and this company as a whole, and we recommend Dan and Pure H2O without hesitation.

Traci Albert

11/8/19            5 Stars

excellent tech was very informative

David Allberry

11/7/19            5 Stars

very fast very good

Dixie Stein


Nick was very respectful to our home. He also has a great personality and was very thorough in explaining things to us concerning our water softener and osmosis. My husband and I are pleased with the service we received. Any time there’s a problem, they send someone out the next day.

Bob & Cora


Everything went smooth. The technicians arrived when promised and proceeded to complete the installation in the time promised. All of my questions were answered without feeling that they were not of an intelligent nature. Everything was demonstrated to my satisfaction, and all has worked as promised. A top shelf operation - well done.

Maggie D’Amico

9/24/19            5 Stars

After recently moving into a new home that had an existing RainSoft water softener system and filtration system installed, we had a filter in the filtration system crack (due to the house being vacant and it freezing) so we had Nick from RainSoft come out to service it. He is very knowledgeable about the systems and took his time to teach me about the whole system because it was all new to me. We decided to upgrade our water softener system to the digital model that we can control with an app and Nick came out to install that. He was again very helpful and took his time to teach me the new system again. Highly recommend. 

Greg Adams


Annual system checkup and drinking water filter replacement performed by David J. Very polite and helpful, explained what he was doing, checked water hardness, asked a few questions to ensure he fully understood installation and configuration. All done in an hour or less. David was great.

Justo J. Torres

8/26/19            5 Stars

(no comment)

Lorna Ambersley-Belafonte


On time courteous, answer your question timely.

Tia Stoffer

5/9/19  5 Stars

(no comment)

Joe S.

3/29/19            5 Stars

(no comment)

Nancy M.

3/18/19            5 Stars

Love my RainSoft system!!! My water now tastes and feels incredible! I only had one small issue with my cleanstart. The problem was solved immediately and we love our cleanstart! Thanks again RainSoft!!!

J. K.


RainSoft installed a water softener only two weeks ago and already I can tell the difference! My skin is not as dry, it's easier to comb my hair after shampooing and the white spots & deposits on my sinks, shower head and drains are gone! The technician who installed my system was very professional. He thoroughly explained how the system worked and when to add salt.

Sheri Kovach


We just purchased the system for our house and we love it. First and foremost, our salesman Rod and installer Anthony were wonderful. The system is fabulous. No water spots, water that we can actually drink and laundry that is getting whiter with each wash. I would recommend this system to everyone. It has already saved me money! No more bottled water, laundry soap, or products to remove the lime and calcium. We could not be happier!

Janette Ashcraft


"I love the new water system. I wish I had gotten one much sooner. The salesman was very helpful, answered all my questions and gave me a great deal. The installation was very efficient and the technician explained everything. I had no idea my water was so bad until I saw the test results.”


11/08/18              5 Stars

(no comment)


08/20/18              5 Stars

Great product and service!  We feel better knowing that our water quality is top notch!


08/20/18              5 Stars

Prompt service and quality product. Was pleased with how quickly they were able to schedule the install and how well they describe the product. Certainly not the cheapest, but, after watching the demonstration of what foreign bodies and other things were in our water, worth every penny.  I would consider the system to be better given it does not require regular maintenance, intuitive, and is on par for some of the best tasting water that we’ve had.


08/17/18              5 Stars

RainSoft has given me a great peace of mind! My baby is now taking longer baths; he is able to play more during bath time, I’m not worried about his skin absorbing all the chemicals and dirt that our city water had. My baby’s hair is much softer and all members in the house the softness of the water every time we wash our hands, dishes and take showers. I use less detergent when I do laundry!!! I feel much healthier every time I wash fruits and vegetables when I’m cooking and eating!! My meals are getting cook with very purified water!!! I love RainSoft!!!!


08/17/18              5 Stars

"I am no longer worried about bathing my baby on the tub and letting him play for longer periods in his bath time. I am certain that his skin will not be harsh by any chemicals that the city water had.

I use less detergent in my laundry!

I cook my meals with more purified water! I love it!!!"


08/11/18              5 Stars

We had TJ come to check out why our water softener was not working.  He was on time, polite, and quickly identified the problem.  RainSoft should be commended for having such a well-trained and efficient service staff


08/10/18              4 stars   4

I never have to buy bottled water again.  My daughter does not complain about her eczema. It really is soft!


07/13/18              5 Stars

From the demo through the installation everything was handled professionally. It's nice to see a business out there that cares about the people and isn't just trying to sell a product. We have all noticed a huge difference in our air quality and water quality. Our daughter has bad allergy and hasn't complained about a headache or had itchy watery eyes since the installation. The water is AMAZING! We stopped buying bottled water and found ourselves drinking more. Our pets seem to enjoy the new water as well! Thanks you RainSoft for coming to our house and helping us improve our health through better air filtration and water filtration!


07/06/18              5 Stars

We had our Rainsoft system serviced and the filter's replaced for the first time this by TJ R*****. He met me at the house on time and actually helped me move a large item to get to the system. He gave me a few tips about how I can save on salt and water use. He was very polite and nice to my dog. We are so pleased with the entire experience we have had with RainSoft


07/06/18              5 Stars

We just had TJ here for a check up on our water softener. He was on time; polite and informative. Checked to hardness of our water and adjusted the softener accordingly. Also found a minor issue with our condensation tube and pointed it out so he could get the people in to repair it. Thanks you TJ


06/17/18              4 Stars

The water treatment system is very nice.  Salesman knew his stuff, and Mat, our installer was very knowledgeable , and made quick work of the install - very  nice job.   What we don't like is the extreme price - 6Gs. Our salesman lead us to believe the monthly payment would be one number and the first statement comes and is almost 3x higher.


06/01/18              5 Stars

Install was easy and the results of the RainSoft system helped tremendously for our family. Great service and friendly installer helped get the house ready in one day after signing up.


05/17/18              5 Stars

Alex was on time and did a great job! We’ve been a client for many years with no problems. I appreciate the reminders and the professional practices this company sustains! Thank you!


05/09/18              5 Stars

TJ was a great service professional. He was efficient and personable.


05/04/18              5 Stars

Justin gave a very good presentation. He had us convinced that this was a great investment in our healthy and does good for the life of our appliances. The water in our city is very hard and chlorinated. After the tests the difference was huge. Much better a tasting water with RainSoft system. Worth the purchase.


05/02/18              5 Stars

"The five-star rating is for TJ Roland who serviced our water softener. When he first dropped by the house and listened to my description of the problem, he knew immediately what the problem was. Unfortunately, that information had not been conveyed to him by the young lady with whom I had spoken in the office to arrange the appointment. Nevertheless, I understand that she was new and probably still learning her job. Consequently, TJ had not brought a new tank with him. Another visit would have to be arranged.

I was impressed with TJ's knowledge and professionalism. He was courteous, efficient and thorough. He had previously prepared the new tank by putting some water in it to get some of the air out of it. He explained to me what he was doing, and it didn't take him long to do it

After the installation of the new tank, we ran the water in the basement utility tub. Then upstairs to the main floor kitchen, where we turned on the kitchen faucet. Water pressure was low, only about 5% of what it should have been, and then absolutely nothing. No water at all, not just in the kitchen, but anywhere. TJ was perplexed. He had never seen anything like it. He called the office.

He wasn't about to leave until the problem was solved. Then he suggested I call the water company to see if for some reason the water had been turned off. At precisely the time that the basement tap had been turned off, the water company had turned off the water for our entire street! Impeccable timing! TJ then proceeded to give me instructions on how to properly clear the lines once the water came back on. He told me which ones to turn on first, what to turn on last, and for how long.

His patience and persistence with the unexpected problem also impressed me. He went above and beyond what would have normally been expected of him. I was very impressed with his service."


04/27/18              5 Stars

TJ came yesterday to replace filters in our RainSoft system. He was on time and polite. I appreciated his use of shoe covers inside our house. No complaints here! Thank you to RainSoft for hiring friendly, competent people.


04/26/18              5 Stars

Nick represented RainSoft of Greater Columbus very well. He was polite, friendly and definitely knows his business. When he left, I felt our system was working better than ever. (maybe better than new.)


04/25/18              5 Stars

Arrived on time. Was informed of what services were to be performed prior to starting. Answered questions that I had about system.


04/20/18              5 Stars

Great service. The RainSoft guy Nick was great. Really knew his product and was very helpful.


04/16/18              5 Stars

The team was great and answered all my questions. I was very satisfied.


04/12/18              5 Stars

TJ did a great job  -   RainSoft of Greater Columbus, Dayton and and Cincinnati.


04/11/18              5 Stars

(no comment)


03/21/18              5 Stars

Nick W. was not only respectful of us and our home he was knowledgeable and intelligent and answered our questions with a genuine smile that reflected how happy he was about his job and customers he serves.


03/15/18              5 Stars

RainSoft did a great job switching out our old system that was no longer in working order and getting us all up to date for a reasonable price. Nick W. was friendly, fast, and very knowledgeable. He also went above and beyond to make sure any mess created was cleaned up before leaving. Our filtered water tastes better, has helped clear up some skin issues my family has been dealing with, and made a huge difference in our laundry. We are so happy!


03/13/18              5 Stars

Just had my yearly service for my water filtration system and Nick & Mitchell did a great job of explaining the service and why/when/how it should be done.  Very nice to have technicians that are informative, knowledge and good at what they do.  Thanks Guys!


03/13/18              4 Stars

We just had our system installed a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. Our water had tons of iron in it, ruining clothes, dishes, toilets, tubs, and sinks. Immediately I saw a huge difference, the water feels so much softer while showering, and no more ORANGE in my laundry, which is awesome! Our salesman Dan was super nice and came out of his way to bring me some free soap that he’d promised, Thanks Dan!!The installers were polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. We are taking their advice on holding off awhile to replace toilets and sinks, until the new water can flush out any buildup in the pipes left by years of the iron filled water, and then hope that I don’t see any type of residue in my new toilets, as I had read in previous comments. With that being said, and as long as that doesn’t occur, even though it is quite expensive $7300 in my case, it will be worth it in the long run. Although I haven’t received my Home Depot gift card yet, I did redeem my points at GoHealthy360 and received my order just days later. So far, I’m a pretty happy camper with my decision to go with this company.


03/13/18              5 Stars

Fixed problem quickly and efficiently


03/13/18              4 Stars

No follow after system was installed, salesman never called back to see if everything was working okay very disappointed on follow-up,


03/11/18              5 Stars

Nick W. Was a very professional.  He also explained everything very well.


03/07/18              4 Stars

We've only had the system a couple weeks, but so far so good. I have noticed a difference in my skin and in our sinks and toilet.


03/02/18              5 Stars

Very professional and informative when I had questions regarding my water softener unit.


02/26/18              5 Stars

The salesman did a good job of presenting the RainSoft product. We were scheduled for installation the very next day. Justin M came prepared, on time, and gave a very helpful review of how the system works. He did a good job installing and was very neat. My only complaint is you have to commit on the same day to get the reduced price. I would rather be told this is the price and if you need time to discuss give us a call within the week. If it's such a good product it should sell itself without the pressure of making an instant decision.


02/26/18              5 Stars

This morning I had an appointment for the first year to change the filters. Nick W. was very nice, professional, quick and explained everything very well. I would recommend him to help everyone. Makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t make you feel like he doesn’t want to be in your home doing his job. It was quick and easy.


02/22/18              5 Stars

Installation went quickly, and we are pleased with the results.


02/18/18              5 Stars

It was a great decision for the family. They explained everything pretty well and made us look at things from a different perspective. Kelly S. Good installation


02/01/18              5 Stars

Mitchell and Kelley were both great. I would recommend RainSoft to everyone that want the best soft water.


5 Stars

They are exceptional. The quality and service we received was amazing. Very informative and installation was done very professionally. I didn’t drink water before but now it’s the best water I have ever had and now I drink more than is required. I highly recommend RainSoft!

August 21, 2018


12/28/17                   5 Stars



12/23/17                  5 Stars (no comment)


12/21/17                  4 Stars

Service was great as was the gentleman who delivered. I do feel you're taking advantage of seniors who can't service themselves. We are trying to live on incomes that haven't changed in 20 years.


12/07/17                  5 Stars

"Nick was quick, efficient and very personable. I appreciated the way he went about his duties."


12/05/17               5 Stars

"Quickly and easily. The technician, Nick W, provided step-by-step info, instruction and tips to sustain and prolong the life of the system."


12/03/17 5 Stars

Nick and I believe Sarah were great. They came in knowing what they needed to complete and did so quickly and efficiently. As Nick conducted the service call he explained what he was doing what to watch for and how to ensure good use from my water softener and filtration system.


11/22/17                    5 Stars

Nick was friendly, gave me advice on how to maintain our water softener, and was very professional!


11/03/17                    5 Stars

Too many promises made during sales pitch that are followed through Felt rushed in my decision.


09/23/17                  3 Stars

We have tried to go on line, also by phone. We have yet to get an order for products we want to get.


09/17/17                   5 Stars



09/14/17                 5 Stars


09/14/17                 5 Stars


09/11/17                 3 Stars

Alex was wonderful! The water has been much better than Columbus city water. However, the more research I do and the more they change their policies the more money it costs me. The system was super expensive to start with and I was told they are now going to add more service charges when I was told when I bought the system for over $5000, all I had to pay for would be parts. I guess that's about to change! Oh, and I had a nightmare actually having the system installed and had to have someone re-install it and they sent someone to patch holes in my walls from the crappy 1st try. I'm also not a fan of service people coming to my home asking me to lock my pets in a room because they are allergic. Alex didn't do that but a prior service person for rain soft did. My pets love here, the service rep doesn't! I won't lock my pets up for that. My cats don't bite so no tech or rep is in danger. But I guess I have better water.


09/11/17                 5 Stars

Fine. He explained the reason the unit doesn't use much salt was due to the low water usage. In fact he said that the unit won't need annual maintenance because of the low water usage. He suggested maintenance every other year. I appreciate the truth and especially when it means less money for them. It drives home that RainSoft is looking out for me and not just their wallet.


09/11/17                4 Stars

Fine. He explained the reason the unit doesn't use much salt was due to the low water usage. In fact he said that the unit won't need annual maintenance because of the low water usage. He suggested maintenance every other year. I appreciate the truth and especially when it means less money for them. It drives home that RainSoft is looking out for me and not just their wallet.


08/08/17               5 Stars

"We had our annual system maintenance of our RainSoft filtration and RO system. Wess H. was our technician. He was courteous and neat. He work foot covers upon entering our home. He explained all of the tests and results. He thoroughly inspected our system and changed the filters. He was informative on how the system operates and the best ways to maintain its function. We would be glad to have him for our next annual call or if any issues arose.


07/12/17                5 Stars

I love the RainSoft water. We got the system in April and had a little problem with the water pressure, but Rob kept at the problem and finally solved what was causing our issue. On his company's third try, he discovered what had happened during the installation to reduce the water pressure in our house. He stated on his way out that it was something he would share with all the installers so that other purchasers of the system would not have our problem. We are now extremely happy with our system.


07/11/17                   3 Stars

Had issues getting in contact with installer who was supposed to put a panel in. Called local account manager and advised Columbus when they called. I was originally told I need to call installer to schedule the follow up (which shouldn't be the customer's responsibility to follow up on a job that isn't finished). Product works OK, but not quite as advertised.


07/10/17                 5 Stars

Rob did a great and fast job of getting my air filter up and running. The problem was my error in putting the filters back wrong after cleaning. Operator error.


06/27/17                  5 Stars

(no comment)


06/26/17                  5 Stars

We got our RainSoft system installed Monday. Can feel the difference in the water already. Jumping into the tub the waters so soft on your skin and feels light. You need to call RainSoft and ask for Angel, you'll love her


06/20/17                  5 Stars

Went as expected.


06/17/17                5 Stars

Corey Landry came out to visit myself and my husband. We were sold on the system. Really made us think about our health and families health. This is the best investment we have ever made. Thank you so much Corey!!!


06/13/17                4 Stars

(no comment)


06/09/17              5 Stars

Angel is here right now...can't wait for our water system to be installed. Awesome personality and you could tell she had a passion for her job.


06/08/17            4 Stars

"Always a pleasure when all goes as planned. The service was completed as promised. The unit now works like it should. The only downside was there was no paperwork left saying what the problem was and the correction that was performed"


05/28/17             5 Stars

The installer of the RainSoft treatment system was very polite, knowledgeable, efficient, and cleaned up after himself.


05/25/17             5 Stars

The tech (Nick W.) did a great job. He was on time, friendly, wore booties, delivered ten bags of salt and filled it in addition to the other service. He checked the water quality, told me about a problem that may occur in the future, and was generally great.


05/17/17             5 Stars

I have always been treated well by this company - the service personnel they send to me are always knowledgeable, friendly, and polite. They answer any questions I have and take all the time I need with them. The latest experience was a pleasant encounter and the gentleman who performed the service was knowledgeable and eager to teach me what I needed to be aware of with my system. He was on time as well.


05/04/17           5 Stars

We were introduced to RainSoft a year ago. Since that time we have had no problems with the equipment. It has been very easy to maintained and a peace of mind that when there is a water problem in the area we do not have to worry about boiling our water. As I was worrying about my yearly maintenance and not sure if I remembered what to do. I got a phone call that my first year inspection was do. At a discounted charge for the first year there representative came out and very quickly went through what he had to do and then explained to me an easy yearly and biannually program that I can do myself. Very satisfied.


04/04/17          5 Stars

(no comment)


03/24/17         5 Stars

Rod and Anthony were both professional and polite. The product I would definitely recommend. The water tastes amazing and my clothes and dishes look so much cleaner. I am so happy with this purchase.


03/21/17        4 Stars

Plumbing/installation was very good and very professional. We did discover the next day that when we run our garbage disposal, it vibrates against the drinking water filters and makes a load noise.


03/20/17      5 Stars

Anthony was very professional, helpful and very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all of our questions and give us helpful tips! Very nice to work with.


03/13/17      5 Stars

Really thankful for the job well done by Roger. He was laid back & friendly. Arrived on time if not before & got the installation completed rather seamlessly. Having had granite counter tops we were a little weary about having it be cut into for our RO system, but he had the equipment to do flawless job & he delivered. Thank you, Roger!


02/28/17     5 Stars

The best drinking water and so worth the investment! The water tastes and smells better...gives us peace of mind.


02/28/17      5 Stars

Rod was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and made us feel like we needed this system asap. So we bought and had it installed the next day! We love it. The water is delicious and makes me feel safer drinking it and giving it to my kids. My hair feels better. My skin is less dry. I use significantly less soap. Worth every penny. Only problem is I can't handle drinking water at restaurants or at work! A good problem to have I suppose!


02/11/17      5 Stars

Roger and his son Justin installed our RainSoft system today. They did a phenomenal job! I was very impressed with their professionalism. They took the courtesy to call and let me know they were running a few minutes late. Both men were extremely polite and efficient. My system was installed in under two hours and they didn't leave any mess behind for me to clean! I definitely recommend RainSoft for anyone looking for a quality filtration system and great customer service!


November 28, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:
My husband and I just had one of your systems installed (EC5). WOW! We love it. I have wanted soft water for a long time and I’m glad we decided on your company. My hair looks and feels softer and my skin feels great. I used to have an itching problem when we had hard water. Since the system installation I haven’t been itching.

To me, that’s definitely a plus. I’ve noticed my dishes and glassware is cleaner and I’m not using as much dish soap. My laundry smells great. Even my jewelry shines brighter. Who doesn’t want their fine jewelry looking like a million bucks. All in all, we are very pleased with your product. My husband is stuck on that lifetime warranty. What could be better? I will definitely be telling everybody who will listen about Rain Soft.

Pamela Oliver

I live in Marysville, Ohio. My children and I had problems with itchy scalp and red bumps and itchy skin. Our water smelled so bad; like rotten eggs. I went to Home Depot and they sent Mr. Latham from RainSoft to test our water. It really opened my eyes at our results. It was a shock to see how much chlorine and cloudy our water was. Since purchasing our system, our scalp and skin haven’t been itching. We have no odor to our water.

We have been able to drink good clean water. If I drink from the fountain at work it almost makes me sick at the taste. I also received a Clean Start machine for my washer. I use no detergent and I’m amazed that clothes and towels are clean from just cold water. I only add a little Softener for scent.

Thank you for helping my family. I know people are special. But purchasing lots of bottled water because you can’t drink water out of your own sink is not only expensive but sad because you shower, brush your teeth, or cook with that water; you are still consuming the bad water. I definitely recommend RainSoft.

JUNE 21, 2017

Dear Sara, Allen and the entire RainSoft Crew,
Thank you so much for providing top of the line service to us during our move to our new home. We love our water system so much, so of course we were going to take it with us! We are so glad Allen came to our home and did the best sales pitch we’ve ever heard, that made buying the system a “no brainer.” Knowing we have the best water we can possibly get gives us as parents such peace of mind for our growing family. We truly believe RainSoft is something every family should have in their home, and we will continue to tell our friends and family all about our system, in hopes to get them to hop on the Rainsoft train, too.

Thanks again for everything.

The Augsbugers

JUNE 15, 2017

Rod the sales Manager came to our house recently to test our water. We were very impressed with his honesty and professionalism. During all the tests all the tests that were done, Rod was very patient with us and answered every question. It was an added plus that some of his knowledge came from his own personal experience with RainSoft products. That showed that he truly believes in and trusts the products that he is selling. We were also pleased that he was not a pushy salesman and did not try to sell us products that we don’t need. Thank you so much for the great customer service!

MARCH 9, 2017

Dear Gerry,
Wow! What an amazing gift! I had to read it again. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. We are telling everyone about our amazing water and may have several referrals coming your way soon! We have never had a better experience purchasing any product! Thank you again for all you have done for us!
God bless you!

Adam and Elizabeth
P.S. I have even had to fill up jugs and distribute to my family who live in apartments! LOL

MARCH 9, 2017

We recently had an in-home water test performed by RainSoft and found that we had high levels of chlorine and metals in our water. I wasn’t surprised by the levels of chlorine as we could smell it anytime we would get a glass of water out of the faucet or took a shower. However, the water was much harder than I would have expected coming from treated city water.

We decided to purchase the whole-home EC4 water system along with the reverse osmosis drinking system and it eliminated the chlorine, hardness, metals, and all other impurities. The water quality is now outstanding…more so than I ever anticipated. We also opted to install the CleanStart system for the washing machine and, again, it works better than advertised. We have not used a drop of laundry detergent with this system and our clothes are cleaner than ever.

Installation technician was extremely professional and performed a very clean installation of all systems. Once installation was complete, the technician explained each system in more detail and how to operate. Excellent experience from start to finish.
The water quality from the whole-home filtering system is outstanding and is truly one of the best investments we have made.

JANUARY 5, 2017

Purchasing the RainSoft system has been a great investment for our family. The water conditioner and reverse osmosis system is our favorite. A few of the reasons this system is worth the money is my family’s skin is softer and of course saving money on cleaning products. One of our children has eczema and his skin has got remarkably better. The quality of the drinking water is also a major benefit of this system. The installation of the system takes a few hours but I was pleased that the installer did not just leave me a book of instructions to read, but also explained to me the maintenance that needs to be completed.

JULY 26, 2016

My wife and I recently had a RainSoft representative come to our home. He tested our water and showed us that it was hard, which we already knew. We were using a store bought filter for our drinking water, and he tested that water as well. Turns out that, that water was just as hard. What sold us on purchasing the system was a test where he showed us how many pollutants were in our water, including sewage! Even the filtered water was just as polluted, gross!! Since we have had our rain soft water softener installed our water is smooth as silk. But the drinking water is sparkling clean and delicious, that comes from our reverse osmosis spout. Thank you RainSoft for educating us about our water.

JULY 26, 2016

We have noticed a huge difference since getting our RainSoft system. We were skeptical at first but are so thankful for it now. Our skin feels better as well as our bodies. The water is amazing.

Our neighbors and friends originally would always get a bottle of water from our fridge when they came over but now they bring empty cups and fill it up when they arrive and after they leave. They have a water softener and still notice our water tasting better.

So happy we purchased a RainSoft system

JUNE 14, 2016

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