The Finest Drinking Water Solution

Meet the Ultrefiner, America’s premium reverse osmosis drinking water system. 

The Ultrefiner

If you’re looking for a significant improvement in the taste of your drinking water, consider installing an Ulrefiner II system in your home. This system comes equipped with three multistage filters that purify tap water and address virtually any drinking water concern. Available in a variety of configurations, extremely cost-effective, and low-energy using system, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. 

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It is recommended that the pre and post filters be replaced every 12-18 months and membrane every 3-5 years. 

This RO can remove about 93.8% of fluoride from drinking water. 

RO water is safe and healthy to drink, it is endorsed by many to be the best form of drinking water purification. 

We recommend only purchasing NSF certified filters from a Rainsoft dealer 

The RO system removes harmful minerals including calcium, iron and lead to name a few. The healthy minerals your body does need can come from food and dietary sources. 

If your RO system is operating properly and you have had your filters replaced as recommended then you do not need to boil your water. It is recommended to have your unit sanitized after the boil alert is lifted. 

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