Superior Water Softeners

Built to withstand the test of time. Our State-of-the-art water softeners are customizable and available in various configurations with numerous features to fit your needs. 

Enjoy the benefits of soft water in your daily life. Say goodbye to stubborn stains on surfaces and enjoy spot-free glassware and silverware. You’ll save money on detergents, notice fewer stains on clothing, and your clothes will last longer. Your hair, skin and nails will be healthier and softer. Your culinary creations will taste better with mineral-free water. 

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It is recommended to have water tested and the unit checked annually to ensure everything is running properly and there have been no changes to the water.  

The unit uses about 1 amp of power, a cell phone uses 1-2 amps to charge a phone to give you an example. 

No, it is not. In fact it is good for your home appliances by removing harsh minerals your appliances will work better and last longer. 

Your warranty is not voided unless your equipment gets damaged during the move or is hooked up incorrectly. 

The amount of salt needed is dependent on how hard your water is and the amount of water used daily.

Calcium, magnesium and other positively charged ions are removed like sodium, bicarbonates and chloride. 

The WQA studied the effects of waste water on septics system and found that the RainSoft system showed no negative results from draining waste into the septic system but actually helped it. 

We are not doctors and cannot say what is causing the eczema, but soft water can help with some flair ups that are caused by hard water. 

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