Fully Integrated Air Purification

Tremendously improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne pollutants.  

Airmaster Ultra

This state-of-the-art device is installed in your home’s heating/cooling system, using two powerful technologies – ultraviolet light and ozone – to purify the air you breathe. The UV lamp reduces common bacteria and molds, while the specially designed ozone lamp reduces unpleasant odors from cooking, pets, and more. This leaves you with a constant supply of fresher and cleaner air, silently and continuously delivered throughout your entire home.

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Removes odors and airborne contaminants from the air circulating through your homes HVAC system. These include molds, mildew, bacteria, fungus spores, viruses, pet dander, smoking, cookie and household odors. 

The Airmaster unit is designed to produce low levels of ozone in the main duct work, with non-detectable discharge into the home. 

The Airmaster uses only 47 watts of power, which is less than that of a standard light bulb. It only operates when the HVAC system is running and has an automatic airflow sensor that activates the ozone lamp only when air is flowing 

The Airmaster Ultra has LED indicators that show the unit’s operational status, and external odor controls that allow users to adjust for changing air quality. 

Studies show that germicidal ultraviolet light is extremely effective against allergies that can flare up in the home. 

We do not recommend purchasing the bulbs from Amazon or another store that is not a certified Rainsoft provider. Other bulbs might fit but could cause a board malfunction which would void the warranty. 

The bulbs should be replaced every 12-24 months. Over time the bulbs lose their intensity and might not be as effective in cleaning your air. 

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