The TC-CAB Series

The TC-CAB Series water conditioning system softens, filters, reduces ferrous iron, clarifies and polishes your water to give you an abundant supply of luxuriously conditioned water throughout your home with an exclusive, all-in-one space saving cabinet.

An electronic timer automatically controls the entire operating program. Its versatile, easy-to-set and delivers an abundance of conditioned water.

TC-CAB Series Features

Exclusive Composite Valve

Uses advanced NORYLTM composite material to enhance strength and protect the valve from expansion or shrinkage due to pressure and temperature demands.

Electronic Timer

Simple yet versatile controls. Set it and forget it; enjoy an unlimited supply of conditioned water.

Power Outage Recovery

If power is lost, the TC Series will automatically recover and complete the process once power is restored. This feature ensures that all scheduled regeneration cycles are never missed, and that soft water is always available.

Powerful High Torque Motor

Self-lubricating and with power to spare, for maintenance-free, long life operation.

Large Porting & Internal Piping

The TC-CAB conditioner provides generous water flow rates.

Proportional Rinsing

Every TC Series control automatically calculates the exact amount of water required for rinsing This “Green” feature ensures that the system uses the least amount of water needed for regeneration.

Automatic Bypass During Regeneration

There is no chance of being without water, during regeneration process.

The resin possesses an unusually high conditioning capacity and resistance to bead breakage, especially important in chlorinated water supplies. Filters and reduces ferrous iron.Conditioning Resin

Optional Activated Carbon

Specially graded and treated activated carbon clarifies and polishes your water.

Large Salt Refill Opening

Quick. Easy. And no spills.

Tank-Within-A-Tank Construction Rugged tank is wound with miles of glass filament for extraordinary strength. Inside there’s another tank of sanitary plastic so your drinking water will never touch interior fiberglass surface.

Compact Patented Design

Self-contained unit fits in tight places. It’s so revolutionary, it’s patented.

Metered Refill Lowers Salt Cost

The system measures and prepares the amount of brine required for regeneration based on desired settings.


  • Outstanding Performance
  • Llifetime Warranty
  • User Friendly Reliability

The smart, economical way to enjoy the best water possible.

How the TC-CAB Series System Works

Step 1: Water enters RainSoft's exclusive rugged control valve and flows down through the resin tank.

Step 2: The water is filtered and treated as it passes through the special "ion exchange" resin. Hardness ions are ionically retained both in and on the resin. The optional carbon bed further polishes and clarifies the water.

Step 3: Once completely conditioned, the water exits the resin tank through the riser pipe and out the control valve.

Step 4: At predetermined intervals, the unit begins a regeneration process. Using salt as a regenerant, the retained hardness ions are flushed out of the system and down the drain. The unit then prepares itself for the next conditioning cycle.

Other Benefits

  • All plastic enclosures fit tightly to protect control components from outside elements.
  • An ultraviolet inhibitor prevents degradation of materials caused by sunlight in outside installations.
  • The brine tank is equipped with overflow protection to protect against overflow due to power outages during regeneration.
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