Hydrefiner II Drinking Water System

Get Bottled Quality Water Without the Bottle or the Bother

The Hydrefiner II drinking water system tucks neatly under your sink and dispenses a constant supply of delicious water to the RainSoft faucet installed to your sink. The heart of the system is a highly compressed carbon block filter made of selected activated carbons to reduce tastes and odors, and aesthetic chlorine. Up to 400 gallons of drinking water can be produced before the cartridge needs replacement.

The Hydrefiner II drinking water system effectively reduces the following contaminants:

  • Bad tastes and odors
  • VOC’s and chlorine
  • Dirt and rust

System Features

  • Compact unit installs conveniently under your sink.
  • Sediment Pre-Filter removes particles as small as 5 microns in size from your drinking water.
  • Carbon Block Filter reduces harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that pose a threat to human health and the environment.
  • limited lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacture for the lifetime of the first purchaser at retail.
  • WQA Certified in performance and extraction tests.

The smart, economical way to enjoy the best water possible.

How a Hydrefiner II Drinking Water System Works

Step 1: Cold water enters the system.

Step 2: Water is forced through the pre-filter cartridge that reduces particles and sediments.

Step 3: Water is forced through the tightly compressed activated carbon block filter that reduces chlorine taste and odor and organic containments.

Step 4: Water leaves the filter and flows through the system's faucet, providing you with an abundant supply of crystal clear, delicious water for both drinking and cooking.

Hydrefiner II System Specifications

Flow Rate: .90 gallons per minute (3.41 LPM)

Capacity: 400 gallons (1 ,5 14 liters)

Operating Supply Pressure: 30- 100 PSI (2.07-6.89 bar)

Operating Temperature: 34- 100°F (1.l-378°C)

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